About Us

In the Name of the Almighty God

Altoun Sefid Azar Pars Company, with registered No. 493988, was established in 2016 to quarry and exploit mines and manufacture different types of building and industrial plaster. With a capacity of producing 500 tons per day of plaster in an area over 60,000 m2 and by extracting the most prolific mines of the west of Iran, with an approximate storage of 50 million tons of 99% pure gypsum, this factory located around Tabriz will be the only manufacturer of white plaster in East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Ardabil and Kurdistan provinces. For that reason, respectful governor-general and governor of the province have supported and cooperated with the company benevolently. By relying on God and the diligence of staffs and managers and leaders of the company and by collaborating and scientifically consulting with national and international advisors, the company attempts to model and implement state-of-the-art technologies of European countries regarding production of new artifacts from plaster, and soon after, several useful products with high value-added will be manufactured and offered to local and global markets with the assistance of knowledge-based companies. Moreover, by localizing sciences and providing jobs for the youth, it will glorify the country. Given the strategic location of the factory near Tabriz, Urmia and Ardabil metropolises and the export contracts made with northern and western neighboring countries, the company has a very clear vision to have rapid developments and launch more production lines. Currently, among the most important targets of the company we can refer to satisfying compatriot consumers as to offering fair prices, unrivaled quality, quality stability, and product diversity, and obtaining national and international certificates and ISO standards.

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